I'm passionate about learning agile methodology, sprints, and user validation.
I shape a product by iterating on both features and problems day by day.

Every day, I refine and improve my workflow every day. I'm NEVER afraid to
try something new. I'm constantly mixing different methodologies, in order
to get the most out of each one.


I am fortunate to have met these great people who I’ve been working

with over the years.
These are the people who have been working or have been with me.
I would appreciate recommendations from people and You can find

attachment in Linkedin Profile from these people.

It is always a pleasure recommending Ms. Cho. She also seemed to have a gift in User experience Design, Illustration, Business, and Communication by nature since she was in high school. Ms. Cho is always willing to learn and try new things with an ability to adapt to new scenery.
-Former FOX broadcasting, Family- Guy animator, current Fertile art CEO, Water Lee

Rachel’s position required both high levels of creativity and technical skills and frequently working under very tight deadlines. Some examples of the type of work, she has been responsible for include video edits and visual display and game objects design. She is versatile and fluent in social media marketing, research, graphics, visual elements, and even traditional sketches.
-Jump Into The Light VR , NYC, Co-Founder, Michal Skalski
She interprets the user or customer’s mind very fast and can come up with impressive graphics works that will attract many people which in turn will increase your brand reach. This is what happened with our product. Her work proved that she has in-depth experience in fashion and graphics.
-Bruno Garrett, Team Manager at Together CFO
Yeagyeong (Rachel) is a bright, highly self-motivated and capable of achieving any goal she sets her mind to. Yeagyeong is a quick learner and self-motivated. She can handle different projects at the same time and work effectively with a hectic schedule.
-Current Tokyo Stop Teriyaki, Restaurant CEO, Former Team Lead Product Manager, Jason Seo

I know Rachel is an outstanding professional of the fashion retail industry. She can easily complement any project with her fantastic graphic skills. Thanks to a business-oriented mind, Rachel always aims to provide the best results for my company
-Kobe Nathaniel , Software Developer at XE Corporation

I find her to flexible, open-minded and proven that through hard work follow though, and team work , she can accomplish multiple task in a courteous and timely manner . Her ability to assimilate new ideas, incorporating and them making herown, make her a great  person.
-American Landscape Painter, illustrator,Peter Fiore.


Your pain matters. I am designing, launching, running a business through the platform, and involving with management work.Get Your confidence to boost your smart vision.

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I am a global adventurer with an innate curiosity to explore and understand the world. Traveling gives you perspective, it gives you a chance to know other people and know your user’s better.

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I can design your smart idea to be a data-driven visual element

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Good Design is Good Business How can I be of service?

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