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Walmart Inc.


Walmart Inc is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores.  
As of April 30, 2019, Walmart has 11,368 stores and clubs in 27 countries, operating under 55 different names.
(Walmart Annual Report, 2019)
Target User: Walmart store manager and associates.
Reason: Better communication and sharing important updates, managing customer reviews and boosting sales.


I designed the prototype of sales associate schedule application for iPad Pro in 2019.

Up until July 2018, Walmart changed its design system, so I followed after July 2018, the new guideline.

I led efforts to evolve the service and address sales associate pain‐points related to the sales report and big data.



Sales associates always carry around their iPads everywhere for their sales report, Inventory check-up, communication with managers, and up-to-date news.

Walmart Inc management application for iPad Pro is a contacts and data-driven prototype designed for store associate managers who manage store operations of his/her store to boost CFF score compared to neighboring stores in that area. I interviewed with the lead designer to uncover insights and translate concepts into features that address customer behaviors and motivations.


I defined the product with the head UX designer and product design. I evangelized schedule management feature add up, customer reviews and balanced business goals. I prioritised and negotiated features for launch and beyond.

I created frameworks and prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy. This helped to visualize heavy data and gain alignment and drive decision making efficiently.


I followed Walmart’s signature coloration and typography weight, composition, brand logo spacing, terminology and style guideline.

In favor of speed to market, I was tasked to re-design and build sales associate schedule application within the existing MY SCHEDULE APP information architecture. 

The assumption was simple—millions of associates work Walmart every day. Extend the acquire, play, manage the conceptual model that managers and associates were familiar with and leverage the existing infrastructure to get to market sooner and better CFF score approach.

This early architectural decision had a major impact on the quality of the customer review experience we could both create and reconcile.

Applications can operate even without an internet connection, making information available at any time at a consistent speed, no matter where you are.


1. Create deeper relationships with customers

2. Boost their sales compared to neighboring stores.

Our challenge was to evolve with customer satisfaction which reflects CFF score. 

Walmart My schedule would offer a limited selection of management schedule and catalog. With this new benefit, I hoped to create deeper relationships with Walmart customers and neighborhood stores.

My aim was to understand how sales associates thought about star review categories of content and what was most important to them to deal with every day.

During the think‐aloud, I was surprised to hear participants rank content based on what they felt was predictable and could trust as relevant, what made them curious and finally what they were skeptical about.

Walmart coloration.png

Research Synthesis


Need for an efficient way to

view and manage sales associates


Need for a way to

keep track with sales report with neighborhood stores 


Need for the engaging regional/national events


Need for mutual consent for sales report authority setting


Need for option to give consent or authorization with store manager and associates


Need for a reliable and more efficient information flow


The Double Diamond of UX Design

The creative process of designing a viable solution can feel like a colorful but never-ending labyrinth, with every turn more full of possibilities than the one before. The Double Diamond of UX Design is often used as a roadmap to navigate through this process. Once I’ve defined the problem, I can write a problem statement for Walmart. The problem statement will then connect sales associates to the next broadening phase, where I’ll prototype and test my designs.

stephen anderson's ux hierarchy of needs
Stephen Anderson's UX Hierarchy of Needs heavily influenced the Walmart management app strategy.


Problem: My Walmart schedule application is concise and simple but there aren't enough efficient functions inside of application to communicate with associate managers. 

  • Walmart need a clear combination of a fixed report visualization and created an intense competition with many retail stores challenges.

  • The biggest challenge I faced throughout this project was balancing visual statics data and how-to documents for sales associates, this was hard Managing feedback was even more challenging because sales reports are usually desktop-oriented, and iPad was somewhat small to read it. So, eye-catching visual elements and coloration would be nice for this edition.

Suggestion: I suggested this application should be more connectable with the current employee and customer review from each of the employees.I observed sales associates pattern by video and records enough for this project and invested time into creating documentation to help alleviate the data crutch and better articulate and distribute design rationale.

  • Managers can view their store income and score goals and performance in one screen and the managers also have access for customer reviews and scores within a seconds. As a result, you can save your time and communicate better with your team.

  • Detailed Specs :

  • I created six sets of documentation during this project to communicate requirements to the engineering team and support our quality assurance teams in writing test cases.

  • These deliverables consisted of the Visual Design Spec & Key Statics for monthly/annually report—the design system.

  • This documentation required the most rework during the project.

  • I also experimented and came up with complementary documentation to communicate.


User Persona_Walmart.jpg


Tablet UX Flow ai-02.png


I took a top-down approach to defining the overall structure of the experience. Sketching and storyboarding, I generated stacks of ideas about the arrangement of user interface for statics, customer review/feedback scores visually connected with the visual star icon feature with your team members name, so this could be another way of their monthly/ yearly appraisals.
All of the reports will be connected to Microsoft suites and Google documents and fully sharable with your team and managers.

In the calendar, there is a two-color section, green and red, this means the highest revenue of the month and the lowest revenue of the month.
You can fully be connected with your reports and see what is going on inside of the day, company events and local events. A high-level design language, interactions and the app's anatomy began to piece together.


Invision proved to be the best tool of choice for prototyping.

Because of tight timelines, I chose to develop a high‐fidelity prototype which had both benefits and drawbacks. On a positive note, the prototype was a powerful tool in creating transparency in design process and sales associates interaction. 

type of graphs for data



I just simplified every application process for presentation purpose.

Once you write about your Walmart profile, it will automatically connect to other stores and you can see your feedback from customer review scores immediately. 

You can access for a total score since you have been worked in

However, This application respects your privacy and you can set it up in setting navigation menu.

Events for customers can boost sales and make sales associates lead their sales according to Klipfolio, sale research articles. (

WALMART_store revenue.png

Using data to create a sales analysis report, everything about your stores and neighboring stores to boost sales and making better stores in every angle by histogram and a Line graph, Pie chart, Bubble chart, Bar graph Heat Map, etc.
A sales analysis report shows the trends that occur in Walmart's sales volume over time. In its most basic form and advanced feature, a sales analysis report shows whether sales are increasing or declining. Any time during the fiscal year, sales managers may analyze the trends in the report to determine the best solution of action.
This has to be mutual consent for Data analysis and personal information.

WALMART_International market share.png

How to makes a sales chart and save this information from App?

  1. Open a blank workbook in Microsoft Excel.

  2. Enter "Date" in cell A1. ...

  3. Enter regular intervals of time in each cell, such as months of the year. ...

  4. Tab over to column B. Enter "Sales." ...

  5. Highlight all of the data.

  6. Click the "Insert" tab. ...

  7. Select the bounding box around the chart.

  8. You can automatically save as file in the button inside of Ipad

WALMART_revenue chart.png

International Revenue report can also be a good reference to data analytics and market share. The calendar is automatically connected to Revenue report and meeting, coming up events, Board meetings. They come up with the idea of how to make better their CFF scores, customer feedback.


Fixing the search problem and visually report quickly, I find a  visual solution for API (Application Programming Interface) database redesign at the last minutes and also added a more visual infographic features which indexed recent and favorites.
Applications can operate even without an internet connection, making information available at any time at a consistent speed, no matter where you are.
The UX Study, research and a lo-fi prototype were released. Thanks to the interviewing process with Aditi, senior designer of Walmart. Inc HQ, I could grasp the Walmart-centered mindset and had a chance to re-think about data-driven sale boosting and retail store friendly application design.
I had an opportunity to get to know Walmart Retail managing system and Study for sales-boosting, how hard they work, review their store performance from sales, promotional events, customer feedback.
Also, they try to make it better in every aspect.


At the time of launch, I had difficulty accepting the reality of this product, because I knew where all the dead bodies were hidden. I knew the solutions to the myriad of usability issues. I knew which critical features were missing once I saw my scheudle application. 

My dissatisfaction is not a case of perfectionism, but rather an insistence for quality. Quality that should never be compromised, even in the first version of a product. Quality is the responsibility of an entire organization and I have learned that magical experiences are only possible if the whole team truly shares in the same values and aspirations. I believe that great design takes time and wisdom, which is only possible if the entire team is in a position with an accompanying mindset to learn.

Today, millions of customers are enjoying Walmart and sales associates try hard to make the best experience at Walmart. And while I can’t prove how much the extra mile would have benefited business, at least the product is not considered done.


A high-prototype was designed.
I would love to share my passion and love for the Retail Management application and user-centered design.
It was hard to manage and update all the data from the millions of stores. Also, Walmart needs to boost its Management Application efficiency and Respect their employee Privacy Concern.
All application updates have to be submitted and approved by the App Store each time, which can take up to a few weeks. This is especially true for native apps on Apple devices.
How do you like my idea?

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