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Work Done

What work have you done?

UX Research, Visual Design, User Experience Design, Interaction Design


4months to current


Diversity projects for safe company cultures with fast-growing leaders and learn more about DEI education

My Role

UX/UI Designer and Researcher.
My mission is building accessible diversity education platform and DEI consulting for busy C-suites and BOD



The Client:
Diversity Way-Maker

Diversity Issues.png


Current Situation:

1. Information needs to be consumable on-the-go since C-Suites are busy people. People don't know where to find educational resources for learning about cultural diversity and inclusive training.

2. Employees have trouble scheduling DEI coaching sessions

Q:How are currently diversity issues in corporation needs to be solved this problem currently?Results: 4 out of 5 users mentioned that we need to take diversity issues seriously.


HMW Statement


How might we help companies' C-suites and leaders create an DEI company culture?


How might we help workshop participants improve DEI competency and sensitivity through training?

location (5).png

How might we create a "safe space" for participants to share feelings and process internal conflicts centered around DEI?


How might we help sustained decision makers and leaders work on or deepen their DEI mindset on a regular basis?


Key Findings

After conducting stakeholder interviews, prospective customer interviews, and secondary research, we found three key findings:

1. C-suites have a hard time learning high-quality DEI information that is accessible in their day-to-day work because they are busy.

2. Information needs to be consumable on-the-go since C-suites are busy people. They prefer, in general, to listen to podcasts.

3.Diversity education should keep on going; and this is not one-and-done education. It is also important to not lose C-suites' interest in educating themselves. The education format should be absorbed and compelling storytelling.


credit: 2019 US survey results


Diversity Way maker- animation 30-Jan-2023-115612.gif

Education Podcasts to Lead Consultation


Increased Traffic Generation

Adding a podcast can help you connect with a new audience.


Relationship Builder

Podcasts help to give your listeners the feeling that they know you personality because they can hear all the qunique nuances in your voice.


It’s Easy to Do

There aren’t many steps involved in creating a podcast, and the equipment required is usually reasonably priced and easily available.


Highly Engaging Content

Audio information can be a great way to break up the monotony of written content found on the internet.


You Support Your Audience

The most common format for a podcast is an interview. As the host of your own show, bringing guests on to interview allows you not only to expand the info you’re providing to your audience by tapping into your guest’s expertise, but also gives your guest the potential to grow their own audience.


DEI Podcast Platform Story

John works at tech start-up company as Talent Acquisition Head Manager.
He needs to learn about DEI to recruit talent.

John starts to listen to a podcast series in Diversity Way-Maker while he is driving and exercising. He saves so much time listening to easy-to-access courses. He loved the podcast platform, learning more about how to hire talented and diverse people to make the company grow faster.

The company starts to hire diversity talents. He asks his career coach about DEI, but John is still lost. He searches the internet for a more in-depth education.

John starts to listen to a podcast series in DWM and starts to recognize more social issues in regards to diversity. Now, he wants to consult professionals after studying DEI issues.
A 30-minute consultation gave him in-depth concepts and terminology. John is satisfied with the courses and paid for the remaining 12 competencies courses.
After he finished all the courses, John received the DEI certification.

John takes a Coursera course, but still finds the knowledge he acquired wasn't that practical. At the end of the day, he is frustrated that he can't find any quality content and feels pretty stuck.

He will also recommend others in his small team get subscriptions, and take courses targeting small business growth and productivity. The team can also share their progress so that everyone is motivated to finish.


Strategies to Improve Inclusive Work Culture

With easy-access podcasts, DEI courses, and one-on-one consultations, crafting personal DWM purpose statements will be beneficial in motivating diverse, equitable, and inclusive mindsets for a productive company culture that boosts morale.

Self-assessment will bring the preparation of personal purpose statements and confidence in their words.

Thumbnail - 32.jpg


DEI Education).gif

DEI Podcast education


Booking coaching session through the app


Playlist & Player Screen

Podcasts Playlist

This is the podcast course screen. Once user finish the courses, they will earn some points. Also, they can follow step by step.


Simply click to go to the next step


Home and menu screens

User can interact with most options of the podcasts and learn more about news and explore other options.


Simply click to go to the next step


Podcasts Courses Finished

This is the podcast course screen. Once user finish the courses, they will earn some points. In this screen, user earns 10 points of total 100 points. Also, they can follow step by step.


Simply click to go to the next step




Profile > Select

User selects the most suitable person in this screen and presses the "select" button. Let’s pick Yolanda as an example.

Stats Screen

User selects Yolanda's information to get to know more. This screen shows how much experience she has, how many consultations she's done, and how many diversity events were hosted by her.

Calendar screen

Check the time and date. Now it's ready to book a consultation!


Simply click to go to the next step


Simply click to go to the next step


Simply click to go to the next step


8 People Interviewed / 8 Total Interviews 

Age : 32-60
Geographic location : Anywhere in the US
Job title or industry : Small business owner and seeking talent aquisition for minority groups to take on product development in any industry.
Education Level : College graduate, some college, or higher education
Gender : Women/Men or any other gender.
Methods: Six users and two stakeholders meeting
Usability test conducted with Usability Hub

Vietnamese business colleagues consulting with each other


[Diversity Way Maker]
User Interviews Report

When the Diversity Way Maker team interviewed with diverse C-suites, She was the first participant and had no chance to review my application.
The rest of the C-suites walked through the application and finished user testing along with the guideline.


1. Concept test prototype to see how it resonates with prospective users
2. Check early signs for usability issues with main tasks

User Interview.png


[Diversity Way Maker]
User Testing Report

Userbility hub.png

Method: and
Measurement: heat map and clicks, google surveys 
Tast: The user needs to finish the DEI education course
Feedback: Some of the users were lost in onboarding step and are distracted by secondary buttons so I had to iterate for better conversion funnels based on AB testing


When I tested prototypes, 5 of 8 users misclicked the first step. I start to investigate the reasoning behind for learning process


Results of the concept testing

The app redesign hasn't shipped yet, but user feedback was highly positive among 10 participants, compared to the original app.
A/B user test:
 Test the feature against a control group in an A/B test to see how users interact with it compared to the current version. This can improve user experience.

Group 1000007282.png
Group 1000007283.png
Group 1000007284.png
Concept Testing #1.png

Finding "Skip" button takes more than 22 seconds to find the next step


Same value and contrast confuse what to click

Concept Testing #2.png

Clarified direction when they are "Skip or Continue" onboarding process


Adjust saturation and IntuitIve hover buttons


Strategies to Improve Inclusive Work Culture

With mobile digital DEI courses and one-on-one consultations, crafting personal DWM purpose statements will be beneficial in motivating DEI mindsets for a productive company culture that boosts morale.

1.Podcast learning platform
2.In-depth consultation

Instagram - 32.jpg


How Receptive Were C-Suites to These Ideas?

C🖥️Website view.png
A🖥️Website view.png
B🖥️Website view.png


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