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Double T 
Product Development Tracking

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Double T is a GPS-based company information screening prototype. It is designed for fashion and beauty Industries. It can be used for their market testing, international collaborations, world leader events, business meetings, conferences, world expos, and virtual business card.
Showcasing and sharing the company's vision is a viable promotional factor for ensuring market development in the fashion industry.
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Target users are professionals in the 30-70 age range from fashion and beauty Industries.
Special target users are:
buyers and vendors, factory directors, fashion product managers, consultants,
e-commerce business owners,  and brand ambassadors.


The main requirements were efficiency and accuracy.
Every fashion week cycle attracts
60,000 international visitors and 750 exhibitors showcase their samples at Events and EXPOs.
Double T needed to be easily understandable by people regards fashion-related promotions, sample following up tracking, and agile communication strategies


PR is one of the most superior comprehensive platforms for integrating functions and introducing what companies have.
  • Business negotiation
  •  Channel expansion
  •  Resource integration
  •  International collaboration
  •  Market test and trend release
  •  Crossover cooperation
  •  Capital connection


Fashion and beauty professionals are aiming for channel expansion due to fallouts they are experiencing from the fashion market.
It is impossible to follow them up effectively without a handy application.
Most of the time, Fashion Professionals deal with native apps like Android or iOS.
They travel the world 2-5 times every year attending fashion weeks and events.
They don't have any time to follow up with their mobile websites. They use tablets and smartphones most of the time.
Professionals depend on a multifaceted messaging app on their own.
However, every country uses a different platform and it's hard to track samples by messenger.
60,000 Vistors
750 Exhibitors worldwide
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Fashion and beauty Expo Lists are down below. Business professionals from all over the world exchange their samples, business cards, promotion events, and launching show invitations.

Photo Courtesy, <>,  Wolrdwide Top rank Fashion & Beauty EXPO 

User Persona

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No matter where the sample goes, you can keep track of every single detail and check out sample return status by GPS tracking. Also, opening a secured account requires several processes. Asking for information immediately, and then leaving the user waiting at the end of the process, isn't a good solution.

To protect personal data and ensure account security, you can set up exposure of business information and virtual business card by barcode. Meanwhile, the user can set up the app, push up notice and fine-tune the preferences of the level.


The UX study, basic branding, and a lo-fi prototype were released within an incredibly short period of just one month.

Thanks to my working experience in the fashion field, I collected all the research, data and information from an international user base and we were able to validate the UX flows every release cycle (weekly). Built to validate a customer idea, and user persona, the prototype eventually helped the entrepreneur behind this project pitch his idea for a successful seed round. 


 I lead the international sample and promotion GPS tracking project. You can even add up your business card through the built-in augmented reality business card attachment system.

Due to the efficient idea, user persona, and testimonial from users, the prototype eventually helped the entrepreneur behind this project pitch his idea for a successful seed round. 

EXPO Associate and sales team also appreciated professionally featuring their events professionally worldwide and getting involved with world leaders.


Sidebar Options and Settings

Every section of the app is reachable, with a maximum of three taps, from the tab bar located at the bottom of the screen.
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Fashion Sample List and Search

Sample status, tracking, and location GPS screens can be reached by swiping the top bar and are distinguished by a specific icon on the right.
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Promotion Sample Delivery Tracking Setup /Purchase Order Check and Confirmation 

Fast, concise, clear, straight-forward:

GPS, and checking out purchase order (p/o), and the due date for promotions-related to fashion and beauty sample. Timing is the most important key in fashion management and conversion rates.

You can achieve increasing crucial business metrics by using this app for your schedule management.

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Sharing Mutual Promotions and Sample GPS

Once both parties have reached an agreement with group chatting, you can get all the contacts in your application. You can talk and send GPS tracking for future delivery to build trust for each business.
Every fashion cycle is getting faster than before, there is no time for promotion. You can check all the specs and promotion items immediately after greeting events and meetings.
To follow all the terms and conditions, and to ensure the fashion sample mutual confirmation algorithms work at their best, the feature for Promotion tracking is found on the setting screen.
Fashion business owners and brands can use this GPS Tracking information for future events and conferences for targeting individuals and organizations interested in their business.
5th men's fashion expro tokyo-jetro.go.j

TOKY Fashion week in Tokyo, Japan

ukraine 2019 wedding fashion expo.jpg


01. Management and Research from the real user who is working with Fashion/Beauty Industries.
02.UX Persona, Data Analysis, Interview Process and Survey, Screening Information.
03.Design implementation and Testing for Prototyping (4weeks)
04.Front-end Development & iOS mobile Development.
05.Funding, Coding, and Accessibility from GPS Tracking Worldwide.


This application needs a built-in virtual business card and a GPS, and a translation functio to facilitate.
Using familiar and understandable words and phrases is the priority for users. Keeping interface text clear and concise is a lifelong application problem.
By keeping it at this stage, we've been able to test the idea and assess the risk points.
Would you like to have a look at it?
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